We work with online merchants, resellers and individuals to provide warranty and insurance protection for your online purchases.

Amazon resllers, ebay resellers, shopify merchants all work with us to provide their customers with a peace of mind when buying online.

We also work with individuals when they signup directly with us, to protect all their online purchases with insurance and warranty. We will replace your damaged items, provide refund for your online purchases should the merchant who sold the item to you is not able to, and provide 1 year warranty on majority of non-consumable items.


The warranty and insurance price is based on the percentage of your online transactions. Depending on the resller we work with, their insurance and warranty percentage can vary.

For indivudals who signup with us, the rate for warranty and insurance range from 5% to 9% depedning on your buying habit. Below is a typical breakdown of the insured pricing, please Register and we will start your coverage immediate.


** You will only be charged if you made a transaction online

Insurance Coverage and Pricing Breakdown


Coverage/Transaction Amount Insurance Fee
less than $100 $4.99
up to $100 $9.99
up to $250 $14.99
up to $500 $19.99
up to $750 $29.99
up to $1000 $39.99